Weiner – Resign, It’s Not Political, It’s Reality

Each day I arrive to my news pages and am inundated with stories about Anthony Weiner. Today he is receiving more and more pressure to resign as he requests a leave of absence so he can seek help.

As I am human, and am certain that we have all done things we regret, I do believe Congressman Weiner deserves the opportunity at another chance. However, that opportunity cannot be right now. If not solely because his position in congress has been compromised by his mistakes, then there are numerous other reasons the chance should come later.

Congress was put into place so the people of this country have a voice of their own and a voice they can trust, and our Congress has the responsibility of living up to that expectation. Given the amount of power that these people have we need to be sure they are up to the task. Each and every day people in Congress need to devote their hearts and minds to the congressional floor (or at least they should, but that is another discussion). Ask yourself, honestly, can he possibly give his true heart and mind to the people of this country with all that is going on in his life?

My answer is NO. He cannot possibly keep up with the demands of his office while all of this is going on in his life. He has lost the trust of his colleagues, his constituents, and pretty much anyone else who knows who he is. How then can we possibly want him lobbying for our cause? Can we believe for one second that he is fighting for us? What words that come from his mouth are we to believe? These are just a few of the many possible questions we could be asking, but the truth is that we simply cannot trust him at this point in time. Trust is something he will have to begin to earn again, and it will take time.

Allow me to close by stating that I highly doubt Anthony Weiner will still be in office in two weeks, and I fully expect him to resign. It is my sincerest hope that he deals with his personal issues on his own schedule and that he comes out on the other side clean. At times in our lives, we have all needed a second chance, but we cannot have that second chance in situations where there is so very much at stake.  Lastly, and I can say with certitude, second chances are earned over time, and it is our actions, not our words that determine our success.