Steve Jobs – The life and death of a true innovator


It is now certain, 2011 will be a year that future historians will refer to when talking about the infancy of technology on planet earth, and they will talk about Steve Jobs.

Just as we today refer to many inventors from early America, the even earlier periods of science and enlightenment, or even inventors from ancient times, we will refer to Steve Jobs as the “Father of personal computing”. Steve Jobs was a true innovator, and his passing on this day should not be discounted as just another death.

He was there, in the beginning, when personal computers didn’t exist, and he was there for the exponential growth of computer technology from that day to this one. He has impacted our schools, our workplaces, our homes, our cars, and in essence our lives. What was his impact on you?

Yes, I am asking you to take a moment today and think about the true impact that Steve Jobs has had on your life.

Did his iPod technology give you freedom when you needed it most?
Did an iPad improve education and your school?
Does your Apple computer allow you to access the world?
Do you reach out to your loved ones with an iPhone?

You may have answered yes to one or all of the above questions, and I believe we all owe a moment of our time to reflect on his passing.

Today we lost an innovator. Today we lost an inventor. Today we lost an inspiration.

1955-2011 Steve Jobs – May he Rest in Peace.