Noetic Science, and the Concept of Global Consciousness

The field of noetic science is a field that in our future will no doubt be a “normal” field of study, similar to the way we think about biology, botany, or chemistry. The word noetic comes from the Greek word nous, a word that means “intuitive mind” or “inner knowing”, and at the institute of Noetic Sciences in California, scientists are working toward a future where we have a greater understanding of the true capabilities of the human mind. A link to the institute is right here.

One idea being explored is the idea of global consciousness. Around the world there are millions of people that believe in the idea of global consciousness. This concept is gaining ground and when the relevant information is examined, it becomes clear that it is more than simply an idea. Not only is it possible, it is plausible.

What if we were all connected? Across the room, across the country, and across the world. Is is possible that we have the ability to communicate unconsciously with the world around us, and with others within this world? Do our thoughts and emotions influence the world around us?

Over the past several years scientists from around the globe have been studying the concept of global consciousness with remarkable results. Some even theorize there is a “sixth sense”, which is a concept that on the surface seems unbelievable. However, when examined closer, this idea may not be as far fetched as one might initially think.

Imagine if you lived in the Dark Ages, and someone walked up to you and began telling you about the future. They would tell you of airplanes, computers, travel to the moon, and many other things that would be completely unbelievable to you. Without question you would write this individual off as a nutcase. Fast forward to now, you are hearing from me, possibly for the first time, that we may be wrong about many of the scientific facts we hold as truths.

Again we ask the question, do our thoughts and emotions actually influence the world around us?

If we look at the studies being done in this area, we see an abundance of evidence that the brain may be using more than simply five senses. One of these studies is the Global Consciousness Project.

The Global Consciousness Project uses random number generators to measure this idea. They do this by placing random number generators all over the world that collect data constantly. Over the years, they have seen anomolies in the numbers that relate to world events. Two of their most significant examples include data collected on 9/11/2001, and data from the United States presidential election of 2008.

This link will show you the details of “The Global Consciousness Project”.

My thoughts on this idea are the same as it is for most things we don’t understand. We have a lot to learn about the world around us, and the more we learn, the more we will have the ability to understand. Does our future hold a greater level of thinking by humans? I certainly hope so. At the very least we should be open to the idea that we still do not know as much as we think we do.

Please understand that the above ideas are only a couple of thoughts in a very complex field of thinking. There are many other ideas being studied, some of which are even more mind bending than those presented above. By keeping your mind open to these possibilities, you too can learn more about the world around you.