Fairness, Freedom, and the Future of Taxation in America

It seems that taxation is an issue that can raise the blood pressure of anyone engaged in a discussion about it. Nobody likes taxes, and yet everybody just assumes “nothing is certain except death and taxes”. Why?

Why are we afraid to challenge a system that takes a significant percentage of our income on a yearly basis?

Well, truth be told, we are conditioned. Just as your dog is conditioned over time to understand that the bathroom is not inside but outside, almost the entirety of the United States workforce is made up of people who have never been payed what they actually earned. Think about the last time you accepted a job offer. They said to you “we are prepared to offer you a salary of “X”, and before you accepted, you likely calculated what that meant you would actually be making. Really? We simply accept the fact that our government dips into our paychecks, takes our money, and dupes us into forgetting about it each year.

Yes, you are being duped, and if you truly think about it, the design is quite well conceived. The government takes money out of your paycheck before you even get it, and come tax time, you are focused on your refund, rather than your total payments. Go ahead, ask a few people you know how much they paid in taxes last year, see how many of them say “I didn’t, I got “X” back!”. You will likely be surprised by the number of people that actually think of it as a “bonus”. This my friends is the beauty of psychology and psychological manipulation.

So why does all this matter today? Well in recent days/months/years people have been talking more openly about the advantages of a “Fair Tax” in the United States, and they make a lot of sense. Congress has also been looking into the prospects of having a “consumption tax” system.

Congress considering consumption taxes

Now, I know you already have your own opinions about a “Fair Tax” because anytime it is mentioned twelve people interject with their complaints about the system itself, while twelve others argue about its benefit.

I won’t sit here and tell you “Fair Tax or Die”, but I will say this, can we get past the political rhetoric and actually look at the plan? Can you? Below I have included some links that you should check out.

This first link is a link to FairTax.org, they are one of the major driving forces of establishing a Fair Tax in the United States.


The Fair Tax Book was published in 2005 and discusses the Fair Tax concept in great detail

The Fair Tax Book

Neal Boortz, co-author of the Fair Tax Book

Neal Boortz – Fair Tax

Very informative Fair Tax Debate

Fair Tax Debate Part 1 of 2

Fair Tax Debate 2 of 2

The last and most important piece of this to me is freedom. Under a fair tax system, I have the freedom to determine what I do with the money I earn. After all it is “my money”. Freedom is why we revolted from the British, freedom is why we had the Boston Tea Party, and freedom is a gift that we must not squander. Hundreds of years from now, people will look back at the various systems of taxation and wonder why we stood dormant for so long. I wonder when we will finally learn that there is a better way? Who knows, it might start today…with YOU.

If you don’t agree with me, please comment tell me why?