Crisis in the Homeland

This article is in response to a crisis level of violence in this country.

Let’s be clear about some things related to the 2nd Amendment.

  1. It should never be abolished.
  2. It was written under very different circumstances than we face today.
  3. It was written to protect the citizens of the United States, and their property.
  4. We should still apply common sense.

Have we as Americans devolved in our ability to rationalize and analyze? Making our streets safer at this point is not about gun control only, it is about a wide variety of different issues that are altogether disastrous.

The problem we face does begin with a discussion about guns. It begins here because as long as we are solely screaming back and forth about guns, we will never solve this problem with our society. For the moment we need to stop discussing gun control, and we need to begin by finding the root of the problems.

The problems here are very complex, and the scariest part of all of this is that we haven’t done enough research to truly understand which dots are connected, and why.

I believe this needs to be our first step. Science. We need to truly analyze violence in our country from all necessary angles to better understand the issues at hand.

Some of the issues are…

  1. There has been an increase in “random acts of violence” in the United States.
  2. Mass killings are becoming more common (depending on the metrics used, this number can be swayed).
  3. Suicide rates have increased each year since 2005 (2012 data unavailable at time of publish).
  4. Violence has become an everyday part of our lives, both real (24 hour news cycle) and imagined (movies/games), and this is especially dangerous to children and those with mental health issues.
  5. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is linked to several mental health issues.
  6. There are too many guns on our streets, and in many cases, in our homes.
  7. Our prison system (youth to adult) is not correctional in nature, and is a complete failure in almost every way.
  8. There are too many drugs being offered for mental health that have terrible side effects (and long term side effects we don’t know).
  9. The list goes on…

This is the short list, and it is very incomplete. It is provided here to offer some perspective on the complexity of the issues we face as Americans.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have a crisis in this country, and it is a crisis that will not “work itself out”. It goes beyond guns, beyond rhetoric, and it clearly hasn’t entered the brains of too many American citizens because I still hear a lot of yelling from one side or the other.

I do not believe in blanket solutions, and I certainly believe in freedom for all, but I also believe that we are naive to think “some people are just nuts”, and we just have to accept this level of violence in our lives.

It is time to critically examine our surroundings, and come up with actual solutions. We need to understand why certain things are happening, and we need to analyze all of them, individually and collectively.

In the above list there are many correlations that we are aware of, and others we have yet to discover. Furthermore, given the list is only eight topics long, there are a significant number of other issues that we must examine as well.

My point today is pretty simple. We need to fix ourselves, and we can’t do it if we draw a line in the sand, at the same time we bury our head in it.

Please note that every issue listed was simply an issue where I can see potential correlation to our crisis. As stated, this isn’t about taking away freedoms of any kind, even though some reduce the argument to just that.