When do you first judge someone?


As I write in this blog and offer insight and perspective into my thoughts about the world around us you likely make assertions about who I am, what I stand for, or how I view things. This is a positive and negative to someone like me. It is positive because you may gather that I […]

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Crisis in the Homeland

This article is in response to a crisis level of violence in this country. Let’s be clear about some things related to the 2nd Amendment. It should never be abolished. It was written under very different circumstances than we face today. It was written to protect the citizens of the United States, and their property. […]

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Designed To Move

Human beings were meant to move. With increases in technology, we are moving less than every before. If we don’t begin moving more, we will cease in our ability to live longer and healthier lives. Play, recreation, exercise, fitness, sports. We MUST MOVE. This short video is a “call to action”, to the United States, […]

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Information Theory

Information Theory...FI

When we communicate with one another we use certain words more frequently than others. This may seem like a pretty benign idea considering you know this to be true without really thinking about it, but what are the implications of this simple idea? The implications of this idea have led scientists to study what is […]

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The cycle of knowledge

The more we know...FI

Knowledge has always been a fascinating subject to talk about, and I want to share with you what I refer to as the Cycle of Knowledge. “The more we know, the greater our capacity to learn and understand, thus the more we know” To me this quote should be ingrained into each of our minds […]

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Health Care, Responsibility, and YOU


This country is rife with controversy about the future of our health care system. Is health care a right? Is the single payer solution reasonable? Are we moving toward Socialism? Our leaders usually answer this question based on the side of the aisle they sit in Congress. This manner of thinking has led our country […]

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The Declaration of Independence


In my research this morning I found myself needing to refer to the Declaration of Independence and thought about the fact that most of my readers might benefit from simply seeing the document itself. We all deserve the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and across this country, we are not living […]

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