About Brian’s Report

What is Brian’s Report?

Brian’s Report is a website where ideas, information, and opinion will be shared to promote a higher level of thinking among readers.

Like the posts? Share them with others.

Don’t like them? Read them again. You must have missed something.

If you’ve read them twice, and still find yourself unsatisfied with my conclusions, it is likely a problem with the reader, not the writer.

In this case, I recommend unbiased self-reflection, education, research, and forward thinking.

Who is Brian?

I am philosopher and futurist.

I think about everything, even when I am only thinking about one thing.

Regardless of the topic/subject, which truly could be anything, I think about it deeply, and examine it without bias, from all angles.

When confronting societal issues, I examine past, present, and future implications to form logical conclusions about the issues we face as humans.

It is my belief that we are failing as a collective nation, and as a world, and it is my intent to remove the lens of bias that clouds your vision as you attempt to make sense of the world around you.